Wednesday, October 17, 2007
  BET On The Confusion

Fighting bums is easy, trust me. If a bum can take you out your not making enough money but don't worry I know a place where your wallet gets 2 times bigger (thats right its like a wallet pump except you don't need to ice down and lube up before you use it).

Yes, America home of the gatling gun (Richie G I see you nigga). So if you know whats good for ya jump in the ford turn up the Bruce Springstein grab your eyepatch and lets cross the boarder. If you are Canadian, you better be, and you love your country you know what to do. Go to the nearst U.S. outlet mall find the most American cashier possible ( preferably one with one of those stupid american pins, I'm not the only one who equates those pins with a swoosh right?) pull down your pants and piss loonies all over the floor. If you think pissing loonies is too hard then you hate Natives. No seriously you hate every single one of them right down to the cute little one who shows you how to catch ants with a maple leaf and turn it into a healing paste.... n.b. (You don't even have a medicine pouch!!!! get outta here. Billy Jack) Without loonie pissing there would be no buffalo and without buffalo the states would smell a lot better and I don't know about you but I love the smell of suicide sauce in the morning.

America: watch me crank that soulja boi

Canada: rrrrrrr... me thinks the deals be within the belly of the beast

America: do that supaman!

Canada: the Sirens have subdued their feverish minds raise the masses on the minivans we sail tonight!!!!!!!

There's only Sub-prime left? To be honest I like my steaks rare medium rare might be a little overcooked.
Your posts have a likeness to your narrative style, as they are short and choppy. I pray that "piss loonies all over the floor" will go down in history along with your name
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